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Does anyone still have doubts that Hearthstone is an esport? Fight Night might be more of a show than a tournament, but it brings us a lot of cool competitive content every month. In March we had Seatstory Cup with lots of cool games and Intel Extreme Masters Tournament on a big stage. Online tournaments are everywhere and Blizzard is actively promoting them through their social media. On top of that Blizzard itself encourages us to grind our ladder ranks as they will be considered for their own “secret” tournament.

Having said that I want to tell you about 3 awesome tournaments that still have open slots and will happen this month!


In 2 weeks I will be visiting TakeTV in Krefeld again for a small invitational tournament. Some of the invitees are: ek0p, SineX, Vortex, Sheepshooter, Alesh and yours truly. The format is an interesting mix of a GSL group format and double elimination. The great thing is that you can still qualify online this weekend, so get your decks ready.

You can find more info here. We will be playing for honor, glory and good prizes!

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On the same weekend there is the 1st stage of another big 2P tournament called CN vs EU. It’s OPEN and has a 11k$ prize pool, so register fast! You have time till 16th of April. Did I mention that it’s a swiss tournament? This means that skill has even more meaning and I really recommend trying it out. 2P will pick 128 people out of the ones registered, so make sure you send as much info as possible. They already held one big tournament called NA vs CN and it was a great success!

Here you can find a link to the tournament page, where you can also upvote the players you like.

I will be trying to juggle my 2P swiss rounds with my live double elimination rounds in Krefeld, so it will be an insanely intense weekend for me. #livingthedream

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In 3 weeks the Hearthstone World will be rocked by the first ever Live open tournament at Dreamhack.

As you can see the lineup looks familiar plus we have Kripparrian and Frodan as casters.

You can still sign-up online and plan your trip to Bucharest, where we will fight for 10 000$ prize pool. Amazing right?

I’m really looking forward to playing in all those events. If you are not a competitor yourself I’m sure you will have as much fun watching and hanging out on the chat!

See you there!



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