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Techs and You – A Guide to Tech Cards


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Techs can be the difference between a Championship and 2nd place.

Tech cards are one of the most powerful tools a player has when they enter the game field, The power to have an “ace up your sleeve” can change games in an instant.

Now some of you card game novices are like “What’s a tech?”


Its usually (1) card that you put into your deck to counter other popular decks, also known as the “metagame.”

An easy example of a tech would be the following:

  • Situation: Everybody is playing weapons in their decks
  • Solution: Tech in a Acidic Swamp Ooze to help counter

But how do you choose a tech?

Choosing a tech is usually easy for other card games, but for Hearthstone with the metagame changing everyday this can be sometimes hard to pinpoint. There are some steps you can take before choosing your tech. Choosing the right one is very crucial, because Hearthstone has very limited spaces in the decks with only 30 cards allowed in constructed mode.

If you play a deck with that is focused on doing damage and no card draw you might consider putting in 2 “techs” rather than one, depending how much you value countering the metagame. A deck that has ability to draw cards playing 1 tech is fine, due to the fact that having the ability to draw cards gives you a higher chance to draw into your tech, rather than hoping to draw into it with your rush deck.

Step  #1 – Scout

Test-Season 1 I had a bit of problems actually adapting to Hearthstone. Coming from over a decade from the Pokemon TCG it was a slight adjustment to Hearthstone. Normally in Pokemon we would have a stable format for 2-3 months before we had to change our decks for the new metagame. In Hearthstone, the metagame can even change daily! Just because your hunter deck got you to legend day 1, doesn’t mean it will get someone else legend 2-3 days later!

As we saw a few weeks back, Hunters were all the rage! That was mostly because they found a hole in the metagame, which was Taunts were being heavily underplayed. Now when we look at the metagame today, Taunts are all the rage again and The Black Knight is finding itself a spot again in decks, which would be the answer for a taunt heavy format.

When I started ranking up really fast, it was when I started doing what I did with in the Pokemon Card Game back in the day. Scouting.

I would go to all the streams, all the websites and see what people are talking about the most. Without even playing a single ladder game, I would know what to adjust to the deck, you don’t even have to grind out 20 ladder games to see what is popular.

Step #2 – To go with the flow or not to go with the flow, that is the question.

There is nothing wrong with a little copy-paste lets play a ranked game. Some people simply don’t have the time to make and test decks or the understanding of the game, and that is okay! But if you do a complete copy-paste, don’t expect results, at least immediate ones.

From what I have seen, Hearthstone is a very band-wagon based game. The moment one of the higher level players does well with something, everyone jumps on! Now not every deck cannot be teched for(in theory) so your main job is to pinpoint the most popular one because statistically you should run into the deck more when you play when you choose a tech.

The best results will be doing step #1 and step #2. See what everyone is playing and talking about. If you see a top reddit post that a Rush deck got X person into legend, you better believe that you will see that deck on ladder at least once on your ranked sessions. Be ahead of the curve and prepare for it.

Step#3 – Testing!

All the step above are all good in theory, but just because something seems amazing on paper, doesn’t always translate into the game. I know recently Blizzard has put a lot of emphasis on ladder ranking and while I think there is a better ranking system out there, it is what we have for now, so the best way to tech your deck if you don’t feel like losing a game or three see how your tech works out in casual mode or versus a friend!

Remember to have fun with Hearthstone or any game for that reason. It is still a young game and new strategies are being made day by day, even with our low pool of cards.

Don’t be a follower, be a trendsetter! Try something crazy, if it doesn’t work try again!



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