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The Meta Report #25


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We read what you said on Reddit and we wanted to add a little more BEEF to the Meta Report going forward.  Please let us know what you think of this week’s version.  We go into a bit more detail around each class and what decks we are seeing on the ladder.  These decks are being seen on the NA ladder and at the mid/higher end of play.  We hope you enjoy it!

Here’s Team DKMR’s weekly Meta ranking. Keep in mind, it’s about which classes and archetypes are played the most, not about which are the strongest. Most of the times, the strongest decks will also be the most frequently played, but that’s not always the case. That’s just part of how the Meta works.

rogueStill at the top, you can expect to find a lot of both Miracle Rogue and Backspace Rogue on the ladder. Those of you not familiar with these decks, Backspace Rogue uses a lot of aggresive cards such as Arcane Golem and Coldblood to do a lot of damage quickly. This deck also includes Coldlight Oracles for draw power because generally the opponent has clunky expensive cards while this deck has cheap minions to spam constantly to win games as early as turn 4 or 5. Miracle Rogue has a strong matchup against most of the decks in the current meta and has a very high win rate percentage. This deck uses, as most of you probably know,  Gadgetzan Auctioneer for it’s main draw engine and Leeroy Jenkins with Shadowsteps for it’s finisher. Backspace Rogue is a direct counter to Miracle Rogue. If you are running into a lot of Miracle Rogues on the ladder, you should try this deck out to climb with

druidStill an extremely popular deck, most of the time you will run into either Ramp Druid or Combo Druid. Ramp Druid uses cards like Innervate, Wild Growth, and even Nourish to gain mana crystals extremely quick to spam huge minions one after another. This deck generally doesn’t do too great against Miracle Rogue, because Sap is such a strong tempo card. Playing this card helps them push easy damage and gain tempo so quickly that it’s hard for the Druid deck to keep up. Combo Druid runs 2 of both Force of Nature and Savage Roar. This deck is similar to Ramp Druid because it usually uses Wild Growth, but the minions arn’t  as mana heavy. This helps spam the board of annoying minions to deal with, such as Harvest Golem and Chillwind Yeti to slowly push enough damage so that the Druid can finish the game with a turn 9 combo.

warlockHandlock and Zoo. Were all familiar with these 2 decks. Handlock usually taps until turn 4 and plays either a Twilight Drake or a Mountain Giant. Sometimes this deck can just fail, similar how Miracle Rogue does without drawing Gadgetzan Auctioneer. This deck is a good counter to Miracle Rogue and Zoo. Zoo, a deck that we all hate to lose to, relies on cheap minion spamming turn by turn. Slow decks have a hard time keeping up with this, including Druid and Warrior. Miracle Rogue does fairly well against this deck due to it’s cheap removal spells, such as Backstab. Although, Zoo usually does very well against Backspace Rogue because of it’s minion quality.

hunterAggro Hunter is a strong deck to beat both Handlock and Miracle rogue while Midrange Hunter beats almost all the decks Aggro hunter loses to. If there was a way you could stick both Midrange Hunter and Aggro Hunter together, it would be an extremely powerful deck, but this is harder said than done. Most of the time when you run into Hunter on the ladder, it is usually Aggro, it is the more popular version of the deck. This is especially because it does well against Miracle Rogue, while Midrange Hunter falls short. It simply can’t push the damage fast enough while it has cards like Savannah Highmane that gets sapped similar to Ramp Druid.

paladinMost of you are familar with Kolento, a popular hearthstone streamer. He is an extremely strong players and regularly achieves high legend ranks on the ladder. He created a Paladin deck that he streamed getting himself to #1 Legend last season. Watching him achieving legend 1 rank, a lot of players decided to try this deck out theirself. This deck is an extremely hard deck to play with though, a lot of players have a hard time making it work the way that Kolento did. You will occasionally run into an Aggro Paladin on the ladder aswell. Similar to Zoo, it usually cheap minions to spam the board. Instead of having access to a hero power that draws cards, it uses the card Divine Favor which draws cards until they have an equal number of cards as their opponent. So beware of this, try to get rid of you hand as fast as possible.

shamanShaman does well against the majority of the popular decks currently in the meta besides Miracle Rogue which is a huge problem. It has cheap and powerful removals, but many of the cards have overload so you have to think about your next plays ahead of the time. For example, it’s usually not correct to play a Lightning Bolt on turn 4 when you have an Azure Drake on turn 5 to play. Overall, it’s a solid deck in the current meta.

mageFreeze Mage is superior at the moment when it comes to Mage decks; it has a strong matchup vs Miracle Rogue and all Warlock decks. If you are playing a lot of Warrior decks on the latter, this is the last deck you will want to play, it has nearly a 0% win rate against it. Luckily in the current meta there are not many Warriors being played which allows Freeze Mage meta-report-25-deckoftheweekto be a contester. Aggro Mage is also decent, but it isn’t the most reliable deck. If you get the perfect opening hand, it’s hard to beat, but this happens such a low percentage of the time.

warriorWarrior isn’t too strong at the moment, which is why it doesn’t see much play. It loses to Miracle Rogue, Druid, and Zoo, which are amoungst the most popular decks in the current meta.
Warrior has cheap and powerful removals, such as Shield Slam and Execute, but by the time you get to play your big threats, it’s too late. If I was going to play Warrior on the ladder, however, we would make it more Mid-Rangey.

priestYou could call this class the ugly duckling out of all of the classes in this game. It is extremely inconsistant and we recommend staying away from it unless you’re just playing the game to have fun and not climb to a high legend rank. The combos in the deck can be fun and powerful, but priest relies on combos to heavily to be a true contester in the meta. It’s hard to kill a Chillwind Yeti, which is a very common card in the meta, and they often get atleast 8-12 damage in before they can be dealt with. Druid, in particular, is one of the harder matchups for Priest because it has so many 4 attack minions.

Deck of the Week

Shaman is a class that never seems to be in the limelight, but it is a strong counter-deck that is a valuable weapon in any player’s arsenal. With powerful removal tools like Hex, Shaman is great at countering decks that use expensive creatures like Hand Lock or Control Warrior.  The unique thing about Shaman is both it’s greatest strength and greatest weakness.  The overload mechanic is both an advantage and a drawback, it allows more explosive turns because the cards cost less up front, but future turns are inhibited by overload.  It is for this reason that Shaman is a class with one of the highest skill caps in the game.  The best way to play around overload is to design a deck that takes overload into account while choosing which cards to put in.  Grindstone’s Shaman deck has done a particularly good job of this – you will notice the Mana Wraith and the fact that the only 3 costing minion is actually a spell.  He has designed a deck that plays cards that work well while overloaded, a venture that has still not been fully explored to-date.


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