King Of The Hill #9 – Trump vs. Realz


ID: Realz
Name:Ryan Masterson
Stream: Realz_

Best Of 7


Casted By: Artosis

ID: Trump
Name: Jeffrey Shih
Twitter: TrumpSC
Stream: Trump


Cast By: Artosis | @ggDoa Production: Sympatico & MusicMatt Ilantzis

This week Trump defends his throne for the first time in the King of the Hill #9 – against Team Managrind’s top tier player Realz!


  1. Thundrisad

    Might be miscalculating here, but didn’t Trump have lethal the turn after Realz played double giant? Backstab something -> Eviscerate face, attack face with 5 dagger -> SI:7 Agent face. 11 damage, with Realz sitting at 10.

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