King Of The H...

King Of The Hill #9 – Trump vs. Realz


ID: Realz
Name:Ryan Masterson
Stream: Realz_

Best Of 7


Casted By: Artosis

ID: Trump
Name: Jeffrey Shih
Twitter: TrumpSC
Stream: Trump


Cast By: Artosis | @ggDoa Production: Sympatico & MusicMatt Ilantzis

This week Trump defends his throne for the first time in the King of the Hill #9 – against Team Managrind’s top tier player Realz!


  1. what a top deck in game 1!
    this series was closer than the final score let on, great play by both players. looking forward to the next one.

  2. Might be miscalculating here, but didn’t Trump have lethal the turn after Realz played double giant? Backstab something -> Eviscerate face, attack face with 5 dagger -> SI:7 Agent face. 11 damage, with Realz sitting at 10.

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