King Of The H...

King Of The Hill #8 – Trump vs. Savjz


ID: Savjz
Name:Janne Mikkonen
Twitter: Savjz
Stream: Savjz

Best Of 7


Casted By: Artosis & Doa

ID: Trump
Name: Jeffrey Shih
Twitter: TrumpSC
Stream: Trump



Cast By: Artosis | @ggDoa Production: Sympatico & MusicMatt Ilantzis

This week’s king of the hill is an epic battle between reigning champion Savjz who is on a 4-week winning streak, vs. another powerhouse player Trump! Will Trump be able to dethrone Savjz, or will Savjz keep going?! Tune in to find out!



  1. Thanks for the article. I would love it if there was some sort of write-up with deck lists and or a brief summary. Some folks dont have the capability or time to watch all of these KOTHs. Would be nice to have some sort of digest. Thanks for listening. 

  2. I am excited that he won with his mage deck without any freeze effects. In his chat people give him a hard time consistently for not putting value into freeze. It’s nice to see him take out a really ace player with a deck people like to call weak. 

  3. Trumps Decks are so bad besides the Warlock Deck haha.

    Savjz also messed around so much. Still seeing a lot of people copy pasting the decks.

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