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King Of the Hill #4 Live Stream


ID: Nyhx
Name:Max Siebel
Stream: Nyhx


Best Of 7


Casted By:

ID: Savjz
Name: Janne Mikkonen
Twitter: Savjz



The match is unfortunately not live, however they are casted live. The casters do not know the outcome of the games. Due to the lack of an observer client within Hearthstone we had to record the games, and flip-flop between their points of view. We feel this is the best possible method currently to produce competitive Hearthstone. We are of course very anxious for a real observer client to increase our production value, and we look forward to the King of the Hill series becoming one of many top-tier productions.

  • Match consists of a Best of 7
  • Winner of a round must use same deck in the next
  • Loser of a round must pick a new deck
  • Round losers cannot re-use any previous decks